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This is the fine chemical special park with obvious industry characters,
high technology content and strong development.

Jintang Industrial Park is the provincial "circular economy" demonstration park and provincial "the Twelfth Five-Year-Plan" fluorine chemical development base. It was founded in Jun 2006. The planning area is 39.19 The company plans to develop and construct six platforms (Wujiatang, Fangshang, Xingling, Anjiadu, Shatang, Qifu platform) by stages and at present four platforms (Wujiatang, Fangshang, Xingling, Anjiadu platform) covering 10,000mu has been established. There are 58 settled enterprises and 32 production enterprises. Now the industrial product has developed into a professional chemical park specialized in fine chemical, biotechnology, deep processing of minerals, and other industries.
Prominent geographic advantage:Jintang Industrial Park is 16 km away from Shaowu City, 6km away from Shaowu jection of Wushao Expressway, 50km away from Wuyishan Airport (about 20km away from new airport), and it is close to 316 State Road, Yingxia Railroad, Futunxi Watershed, it is easy of access.
Perfect infrastructure:main road network in Jinsha Road and South Shaling Road, 20,000T/D sewage treatment plant, centralized heating, and 110KV transformer substation have been put into operation, 52,000m2 temporary dwelling (373 sets) in Xinzhen District of Wujiatang, 60,000 T/A dangerous waste treatment center and 50,000 T/D water supply station are under construction, 220KV transformer substation, dangerous chemicals railway special line, staff residential buildings, secondary fire station, accident emergency pond and other ancillary facilities are being planned and designed.
Advanced service philosophy: adhering to the concept of "customer service serves development", we implement "nanny-style" service and "zero charge" management. Moreover, the park has also signed cooperative agreements with Fujian Chemical Designing Institute and other institutes, who can offer services and technical supports related to research, environmental assessment, safety assessment, process design, etc.


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